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Weld On Differential Armor
Weld on Diff Armor Here is a great way to add some beef to the axle housing and protect your ri..
54MM Hub Socket
54MM Hub Socket Our 54mm sockets are designed for servicing Toyota front axle wheel bearings. W..
Spindle Bearing Nut Kit
  Spindle Bearing Nut Kit   Normally the nuts that hold the wheel bearings can ..
Spindle Stud Kit
Spindle Stud Kit When assembling your spindles gaskets does it feel like you're all thumbs? Thi..
Toyota 4Runner/Pickup (1979-1995) Rear Axle Service Kit w/Bearing (1 Side)
Rear Axle Bearing Service Kit Kit includes all normally replaced parts for servicing left or ..
Stainless Steel Caliper Line Kit (Click for Options)
Stainless Steel Caliper Line Kit   Stainless Steel Caliper line Kit Replaces axle..
Toyota Wheel Bearing Kit
Toyota Wheel Bearing Kit   Toyota Wheel Bearing kit includes inner and outer bearings, ..
Heavy Duty Inner Axle Seal
Heavy Duty Inner Axle Seal   These New Marlin Crawler designed Heavy Duty Front Inner A..
Brass Bushing
Brass Bushing Replacement brass axle bushing. Centers front axle in housing.   Mo..
E12 Knuckle Stud Socket
E12 Knuckle Stud Socket   This special socket is designed for installing and removing l..
4340 Chromoly Inner Hub Gears
Longfield Inner Hub Gears Bigger tires mean more failure points, keep your rig running problem –f..
4340 Chromoly IFS Conversion Hub Gears (Pair)
4340 Chromoly IFS conversion inner hub gears. These can be used in place of stock IFS inner hub ge..
4340 Heavy Duty Drive Flange
Heavy duty drive flanges for Toyota solid front axles. These flanges are much stronger then factory ..
OEM Toyota Manual Locking Hub
Factory new Toyota locking hub. Fits 79+ FJ40/55/60/62 Toyota Land Cruiser and solid axle Toyota Pic..
Toyota 60 Series Land Cruiser Longfield 30 Spline Birfield/Axle Kit
Longfield™ FJ60 30-Spline 4340 Chromoly Axle & Birfield Kit The new 30 spline axlekit is a pe..